S.T.A.Y pooper fundraiser and the trail conditions update

Hey STAY friends, we can’t thank you enough for your generosity. To say we’ve reached our fundraising goal is an understatement! We received almost double what we set out for. As a result, we’ll be putting in a shade/wind structure to protect the bathroom and also a doggie bag/trash can. Thank you!!!!

Now that the goal for a bathroom is achieved, please don’t stop giving! We still need funds for tools and other expenses. We thank you for your support!

As of April 2nd, Rocky Top is drying out. Especially the lower trails like Wholly Moses, Green Harvester, and Orange Harvester. There is some Winter water damage and wet spots out there, if you see mud stay off it. Walk n Roll is advised to stay off until further notice, theres lots of water running across it.
Please keep an eye out for work party announcements coming up soon.


The S.T.A.Y. board of directors