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Rocky Top Trail System
Good For:
Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Horse, Hiking
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The Rocky Top trail system exists on private land, owned by Ron Anderson. He owns and operates a gravel pit and dump adjacent to the trails. The parking lot for the trails is literally next to the dump. It should also be noted that the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy holds a conservation easement for the parking lot.

In 2011 Ron gave STAY verbal permission to build and maintain non-motorized single track trails. We initially built a one mile loop on the north side of the dump, called Gus’s Gully. This was received well and we continued by establishing a route to the summit, via Wholly Moses, Green & Orange Harvester, Bench Trail, and Hahahaha. We followed this by establishing a trail which creates a loop off the top, back to Orange Harvester. These trails are called TNT, Dynomite, Jeff & Axels, and Dumb & Dumber. We are working on connector trails, like School & Tool and Walk n Roll, plus others.

The terrain is very much a shrub-steppe desert. There aren’t any trees to speak of. It’s mostly grasses and wild flowers. Snakes, field mice, coyotes, skunks, and porcupines can often be seen. Deer and elk also venture onto the property occasionally.

As the name implies, it’s very rocky. The trails often have loose rocks and sometimes boulders in the path. There can be off camber turns and short, steep sections which can be challenging. That said, no trail has more than a 9% sustained grade.